675LT Spider Serves as Convertible McLaren Flagship

McLaren’s fastest road cars were never anything short of the ultimate exhilaration. But in 2015, McLaren’s most dramatic year of growth, the brand has taken it over the top.

Or, it’s taken the top off.

McLaren’s most extreme offerings, the F1 and P1, were solely available in closed-top forms. But with the 675LT and its instant success, McLaren has decided to offer it as an open-top cruiser as well, making it the most extreme convertible to ever have the McLaren badge.

Much is shared between the new 675LT Spider and its coupe foundation, as they both retain the 666-hp twin-turbo V8 with a 0-60 time under 3 seconds and are limited to just 500 units. But inherent differences exist between the models, some of which will slow down any other convertible.

But McLaren decided not to compromise.

The chassis of the 675LT coupe is rigid enough that it does not require the strengthening that other cars need to maintain stability without a roof. Due to this, there is no significant weight increase over the LT coupe, as the 88-lb difference is solely due to the retractable roof mechanism. Still, the car weighs in at 220 lbs lighter than the already-blisteringly quick 650S Spider.

New appearance options also debut for the Spider, with the unveil car sporting a new 20-spoke Super-Lightweight wheel option along with a new MSO color named “Solis,” Latin for sun. The car will also be available in the variety of McLaren and MSO colors as well as the Ultra-Lightweight 10-spoke wheels and the Super-Lightweight 5-spoke wheels that debuted on the LT coupe.