Finale to the P1 Means More Carbon Fiber

Liberal use of carbon fiber is what keeps today’s supercars constantly pushing beyond their predecessors, as the obsession with lightness aids the staggering performance numbers we see today. Not only that, but it adds a unique look that was not seen on supercars from generations prior.

p1 carbon 3

It is virtually impossible to come across a McLaren P1 and not find copious amounts of carbon fiber coating the exterior, and once you open the door, the carbon tub is exposed to show the heart of the P1. McLaren Special Operations can provide dozens of carbon fiber touches in the personalization process, but never more so than they are providing now. Now, they aren’t leaving any carbon behind.

The P1 “Carbon Series” is going to be as exclusive as it gets from McLaren. Five of the 375 cars delivered will be returned to McLaren, down from the originally considered 20, where the body shells will be replaced with fully exposed carbon fiber panels, giving a look that is more extreme than anything MSO had created before. From there, the customization options remain endless, as one of the five cars was already finished entirely in green carbon, while another was laced in bright red accents throughout the interior and exterior.

The rest remain to be seen, but with the production of the P1 finally reaching its end, the Carbon Series will be a fitting sendoff for one of the most revolutionary supercars in ages.

Images courtesy of Love Cars.