MC12s Sell High at Monterey Auctions

While today’s Maserati brand is the epitome of class, style and luxury, there are times when a fourth characteristic is paramount: racing. Recently, the successful GranTurismo has been given the race treatment and was stripped down to become the Trofeo MC. But more than a decade prior, the brand’s most extreme offering hit the track.

With hopes of competing in FIA GT racing, the brand took inspiration from sister company Ferrari’s supercar technology found in the Enzo. The MC12 was born into GT1 racing, but to accommodate for FIA regulations, the brand had to produce at least 25 cars for road use to homologate the race car. As a result, the MC12 road car hit the streets in very limited numbers.

Maserati ultimately built MO15_r165_005_whitea total of 50 examples of the car, which were all pre-sold at more than $600,000. The incredibly exotic-looking MC12 sits only inches off the ground but 17 feet long, making it one of the most distinguishable cars on the road. But with the rarity and constant challenge of maneuvering the car, there are scarce opportunities to come across the car.


But during the famous Car Week in Monterey, Ca., a pair of MC12s — 4% of the total production run — were auctioned off. RM Sotheby’s offered a standard example of the MC12, but with fewer than 500 miles on the odometer, making it one of the most desirable pieces of the Pinnacle Portfolio auctioned on August 14. The car broke the estimate when it sold for $2,090,000.

49 out of the 50 MC12s were originally offered in the heritage white and blue livery, so the chances of seeing a different example of the car are exponentially rarer. However, Monterey visitors were lucky enough once again to see that one exception. The factory black MC12 that made its splash running around Monterey in 2013 returned again this year, this time finding a new owner. Mecum Auctions offered the car, which fell short of its $1.8 million to $2 million estimate, selling for a bargain at $1,575,000, likely due to its competition with other auctions.


Such a limited production run, with even fewer gracing the United States, made this the ultimate time for spectators to experience the MC12. And now, a pair of prominent automotive collectors has their chance to experience them as well.