McLaren Conceptualizes Digital 675LT

The Consumer Electronics Show attracts all the industry leaders in technology. McLaren, in the business of road cars, is scarcely outdone in that respect.

Even with everything that is jam-packed to make a McLaren fast around a track or livable as a daily driver, the brand had not yet experimented with the technology implemented in its latest concept. The 675LT JVCKENWOOD concept took many of the consistent features from the inside of the car and replaced them with…nothing.

Or so it appears.

The center console was removed and no cluster appears behind the steering wheel to list all relevant vehicle information. The conventional electronics were replaced by JVCKENWOOD’s CAROPTRONICS system to institute a full digital cockpit, with the console and gauge cluster instead being replaced by a Head-Up Display, listing all pertinent driving information at an eye level that promotes more concentration on the road. Ignition, handling and drivetrain characteristic controls are all accessed from the steering wheel, which is swapped from the P1 GTR track supercar. This allows for more functionality but also minimalism, as well as a true racing feel.

McLaren-675LT-JVCKENWOOD-CES-Concept-Official-5The implementation of futuristic technology does not end there, as every possible electronic improvement was considered. The mirror system was completely digitized, replacing the side view mirrors with smaller stalks containing cameras, and these smaller stalks actually improve aerodynamics and downforce. These side mirrors combine with a third camera on the rear to replace the rear view mirror, which is essentially a screen that displays the high-resolution images from the cameras. This improves rear visibility and reduces blind spots, while also distinguishing its exterior look from the 500 other 675LT coupes.

Other exterior touches include the silver Kenwood-branded stripes against the Onyx Black paint, offsetting the interior scheme which is mixed with McLaren’s famous orange as well. Otherwise, the car appears largely unchanged and the same 666-horsepower twin-turbo V8 shows that it is equally capable as the standard LTs.

The car was unveiled at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.