McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720S sets a new standard within the Supercar segment, combining the next level of performance, efficiency, emotion and excitement into a single beautiful, functional whole.

The aim from the outset was to deliver a stunningly executed new car, light weight, with a level of engagement that demonstrates clearly, just how well McLaren Automotive understands the needs and wants of the Supercar customer; all the physical and emotional elements that must be satisfied.

The Super Series is the core of the McLaren Automotive offer and, as such, is the purest distillation of our DNA.

  • The Super Series sits at the heart of the McLaren range, and represents the very core of our Supercar DNA.
  • Following in the footsteps of the pioneering MP4-12C, the stunning 650S and the legendary 675LT, it was clear that this new car had to be sensational in every way.
  • One look at the 720S and you will know it is beyond sensational. It is a remarkable car. A car to take McLaren into its next generation of products.
  • The stunning design, revolutionary technology and groundbreaking engineering of 720S come together to deliver the most complete Supercar ever built.

The Key Elements of 720S

1. Monocage II / Dihedral Doors

  • Hypercar construction
  • Similar structure to that found on the legendary McLaren P1
  • Monocage II is 18kgs lighter than 650S chassis
  • 15cm per side narrower than 650S in terms of door opening ? vastly improved access

2. Design

  • A breathtaking new design direction

3. Theatre

  • Multiple components designed to provide a sense of occasion
  • Sophisticated rather than showy
  • Engine Bay Ambient Lighting (pictured) is just one example of this

4. Performance & Engagement

  • Blisteringly fast yet incredible driver engagement
  • Retains a level of compliance that makes this car hugely usable on a day to day basis

5. Innovation & Technology

  • Setting new standards
  • Taken one of the world?s best suspension systems and developed it further
  • Proactive Chassis Control II raises the bar even higher

6. Quality & Precision

  • A new level of materials and construction
  • Great strides have been made to create a wonderful driver ambience
  • Every control is beautifully finished
  • The quality of the leather interiors is market leading

7. Emotional Appeal

  • Sound, sight and feel
  • The attention to detail that makes the difference between great and good is all over 720S
  • The styling is game changing
  • The sound has been carefully crafted to lead the segment
  • The feel from the steering, the balance of the chassis, the way the 720S engages you is breath-taking