Official Maserati Levante Images Released

Maserati is setting off into uncharted territory with its new SUV, the Levante, but it’s not going in without any experience. For the first time in more than 100 years, the brand is applying the sophistication and passion found in its sports and luxury cars into the SUV platform.

The familiarization with the Levante is obvious, as Maserati’s common design language is found from front to back. Its aggressive front turns to a raised Maserati silhouette, marked distinctively by the three side air vents found similarly on the rest of the Maserati range. The profile sweeps back over the muscular haunches of Levante, before tapering through the rear window while still prominently displaying the Saetta logo. Its all-new shape is still undoubtedly inspired the same way as past models.

Developing a new luxury SUV not only requires the brand’s designers to pull off the look while still offering the standard comforts, it also begs for a little more capability. The Levante will offer the high level of ride quality for everyday use as is the expectation with Maseratis, and it will tackle the unique challenge of off-road performance as well. Maserati’s Q4 all-wheel drive system is standard, as is the ability to control the electronic suspension’s damping and springs settings, all while being connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission that is specially calibrated for the new SUV.

Maserati states the European launch for the car will be in Spring 2016, with cars being delivered to the rest of the world later in the year. More information will be available following the car’s official debut at Geneva next week.