One-Off MP4-12C Looks to Command Seven Figures

Simply by definition, McLaren Special Operations creates some of the most special and unique supercars in the world. From the MP4-12C to the P1, MSO developed one-offs, custom paint samples and endless options inside and out.

But while many buyers chose only a select few modifications for their cars, others went way above and beyond to test what MSO was truly capable of. It was this desire that led to the MP4-12C High Sport.

12chs rearThe HS was commissioned by one customer for five cars, all of which included bodywork modifications that served both performance and aesthetic purposes. Increased downforce, lower drag and improved ventilation gave it an edge over the standard MP4-12C, as well as a bump to 675hp for the V8, and the revisions made it look truly one-of-a-kind as well. In response to the first five cars, McLaren built and sold another five, but a production run of just 10 makes it ultra exclusive.

As a result, each car is unique in the production run. But chassis No. 9 may run away with the prize for the most outstanding one.

Chassis No. 9 is the only one finished in the McLaren Vodafone livery from Formula 1, as commissioned by McLaren chairman and CEO Ron Dennis. After several showings of 12chs insidethe car in Florida, with it earning numerous awards at different events, it is ready to head to auction to find a new home. And despite its well-known presence, it has only accumulated 203 miles.

The car is being sold through Mecum Auctions at their January sale in Kissimmee, Fla. Along with the upgrades of the High Sport, this MP4-12C is fitted with McLaren’s more standard upgrades, including sport exhaust, carbon fiber packages, Meridian sound system with navigation and more. With all the upgrades, the car reached an MSRP of around $450,000.

However, Mecum expects this car to sell between $1.3 million and $1.6 million, just a bit more than the price of a P1.