Philly Auto Show Promises Best New Products from RDS

The home-field advantage of the Philadelphia Auto Show is giving the RDS Automotive Group the chance to show off its best new products, including some incredibly unique cars and even a first for the Philly show.

Maserati of The Main Line and McLaren Philadelphia specialize in the cars you don’t see everyday, and Porsche of The Main Line specializes in the cars that make the everyday better. That’s what makes the Philly Auto Show a treat, as it brings in the enthusiasts who gravitate toward special vehicles, and it brings in the prospective customer who wants to take a better look at a car.

For McLaren Philadelphia, it’s finally a year to bring something new. After bringing one of the first 12C Spiders on the East Coast in 2013, the 12C remained the only available product until 2014, when the 650S was debuted shortly after the annual Philadelphia show. This allowed the 650S to sink in a bit before being the show car in 2015, but now the 2016 show will finally have a new debut in the 570S which has only recently started deliveries.

The 570S is the beginning of McLaren’s Sports Series, the brand’s new line targeted at a competitive sports car segment. Even as it slots as the entry-level McLaren, the story is no different from the MP4-12C, 650S or even the P1. Its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 is a familiar feature, at the heart of an F1-inspired machine. At 562 horsepower, it slots as the least powerful car of the lineup, but it fights competitively against its most prominent rivals. It also sits as the cheapest offering, leaving it more accessible as it caters to a new market. Nonetheless, it is strikingly attractive and will show itself in its classy new Silica White color, accented by McLaren Orange which matches the 650S Spider beside it at the auto show.JMW_4567

Jointed with McLaren will be Maserati of The Main Line once again, but unfortunately for the Italian luxury brand, its next big offerings are still waiting in the future. The Levante SUV and Alfieri sports coupe will just be ideas to think about at the Philly Auto Show, but that shouldn’t cast a shadow over what will appear behind the fences.

The dealership is keeping the booth fresh with the brand’s current flagships, specced opulently to make a bold statement. The already-red-hot GranTurismo MC will show in Rosso Mondiale with a light brown Cuoio interior. Offsetting the bright red convertible, the Main Line dealer will complement it with its luxury executive sedan, the Quattroporte in a fine Grigio Maratea over the same Cuoio interior. But it won’t just be a Quattroporte, it will be the GTS model fitted with the 523-horsepower twin-turbo V8. The two halo cars will serve as a sufficient placeholder for the next additions to the Maserati lineup.JMW_4479

The brand with the fullest lineup, however, will be Porsche. McLaren won’t wrangle a P1 or 675LT as all are sold, and Maserati is patiently waiting for the above concepts. But Porsche has all of its weapons at its disposal, even debuting the new, entirely turbocharged 991.2 lineup for the first time. Alongside the latest evolution of the 911, Porsche will come stocked with an instant classic: the 991 GT3 RS, the naturally-aspirated track machine that has proved itself to be one of the most desirable modern Porsches. And speaking of “track,” an example of the 919 Hybrid that won Le Mans in 2015 will be center stage.

As for the remainder of modern Porsches, there will be plenty of them. All of them, in fact.

Porsche’s strong point for the auto show will be that they will have an example of each product in their lineup on the show floor. The GT3 RS will appease to enthusiasts and dreamers, but the accessibility of the rest of the model line will surely be promising for consumers interested in the practical side of Porsche. Show-goers will find the Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, Macan and Cayenne as well as the show-stopping new 911s.

The Philly Auto Show runs from January 30 to February 7.