US-Spec GranTurismo MC Differs in Key Aspects

The Maserati GranTurismo was slated as an ultra-luxury coupe with room for four full-size people, a car with the docility to be used every day or one that would comfortably cradle its occupants through long  journeys. But it no doubt had true Italian flair with its sex appeal and sinful exhaust tones.

For many Maserati clients, they wanted less of the former and much, much more of the latter.


So Maserati took its track-specced variant, the GranTurismo MC (Maserati Corse) and prepped it for road use and sale. Named the MC Stradale (rightfully meaning “street”), this new offering was a thinly-veiled race weapon with a new Race Shift transmission, carbon fiber seats and the outright removal of the rear ones. Tack on some carbon fiber bits including revised front and rear fascias and its street presence matched its new 444-hp powerplant.

Unfortunately, for one market, that car was unavailable.

That market was the United States.

While many would claim that’s preposterous because they have seen the car a number of times, that’s not entirely true. Maserati does offer a version of the GranTurismo MC to the American market, which, from the outside, looks identical to the one mentioned above. It has the same redesigned front and rear, the same 20-inch MC design wheels and the same 4.7 liter V8 with 444 horsepower.

It’s really almost the same. Almost.

DE6A0392The US version of the GranTurismo MC more or less symbolizes a desire to remain homeostatic in the American market and stay true to the luxurious and feature-laden GranTurismo, instead of tapping into the DNA of its familial relatives, such as the Ferrari 599 GTB. The US-spec GranTurismo MC lacks many of the hardcore features listed above for the global car, such as the Race transmission and driving mode, the lightweight carbon fiber seats and it still seats four adults comfortably.

So maybe the US GranTurismo MC isn’t the barely-street-legal monster that the brand’s clientele were shouting for. But that one does exist, and with the same aggressive looks and loud V8, the US one keeps right up with it.

And there’s still room for three of your friends, too.